"The Aull-ternative Center for Health"

We are a fully equipped pilates studio offering private, semi-private and group sessions in pilates technique on the mat and apparatus.

We also offer specialty classes in TRX body suspension training, Zumba, the Divine Body workout and more.

Our instructors are trained and certified through Stott Pilates, the certification with the highest industry standards. Training includes 100 to 500 hours in the classroom and 200 hands-on hours on the mat and apparatus. We are Newport County's only complete Stott Pilates Studio.

If you have experienced pilates before, you know the benefits of strengthening from the inside out. Regular pilates practice will help develop long lean, functionally strong muscles without bulk.

Our state-of-the-art studio is located on Aquidneck Island in Middletown.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve balance in body, mind and spirit through Pilates and a variety of corrective exercise modalities, holistic lifestyle and nutritional coaching.
Our goal is to is to provide guidance in helping you achieve optimum health and wellness in a nourishing, non-threatening environment.

About Pilates

Pilates technique is a system of exercises designed to increase strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and control. Pilates focuses on the deep stabilizing muscles of the torso, hips and shoulder girdle. The exercises emphasize joint stability and muscle balance to create a stronger and more flexible spine. Regular pilates practice will help you to move through your daily life with fluidity and ease. Pilates will also help you to perform better in any athletic activity such as golf, baseball, running, etc. Utilizing the mat and apparatus, each exercise is performed with few repetitions, emphasizing precision, flow and correct form. Controlling your muscles, by focusing your mind, enables you to experience a new awareness of muscle function and coordination. Pilates strengthens the body and calms the mind.

About Holistic Lifestyle & Nutritional Coaching

One-on-one counseling designed to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance to create optimum health and well-being. (encourages weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, mood and environmental detox)

Give the Gift of Healthy Living!

Gift certificates are available in the studio and now online through our Mind Body Online store. (Make sure to select "gift cards" under the Online Store tab.) Gift certificates can be customized to any amount and can be used towards any of the services we offer.

Holiday Specials!

New Clients Only

Commit to any program for three months and receive one month free!

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Current Clients Only

Upgrade your current program for the next three months and receive 50% off your add on service!

Example: Add a small group training package to your weekly private and group reformer package for three months and receive the small group training at half price!

Give a Gift, Get a Gift

Make a total gift certificate purchase of $100 or more and receive a $25 gift certificate for yourself!

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